Nutscene are highly-regarded manufacturers of quality natural jute twines for both gardeners and crafters. Jute is a natural product which is safely composted without risk to nature or the environment. NutScene have been using jute from the same sustainable sources for the last 90 years. Nutscene's top quality twine has been made using the same methods and on the same machinery since 1922 and has become synonymous with environmentally conscious gardeners.

Originating in the area of Angus and Tayside on the Eastern side of Scotland, the name 'Nutscene' was coined, thanks in part, to the broad accent of the region. Greentwist garden twine (an early triumph for the product) was a hit with gardeners as, once around a plant stem, it became virtually impossible to spot or, in other words, "not seen" (now say that again in a broad Scottish accent!)

Since these early times, NutScene has become one of the biggest names in the industry without losing the quality or heritage that made it a stand-out product. NutScene has also become a big name on the crafter scene with an improved variety of colours and textures. You can buy NutScene twines in the UK now from Todd's Botanics with nationwide delivery available, check out our range of gardeners' and crafters' twines.

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