Craft/Gardening String - Green

Will not tangle
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150 Metres of String

Attractive packaging - Great Gift

Great for Crafting and Present Wrapping

Customer Feedback

Made by Nutscene - the traditional manufacturers of jute twine, these retro looking tins are a fantastic way to store garden twine. Just pull out what you need and keep your hands free to tie up - no more unravelling all over the place or major knots to deal with. The twine is a natural product and has been wound in the traditional way and on the original machinery, in use since 1922. These jute fibres are sustainably sourced and as Nutscene twine is a natural product it will compost easily and safely. This twine is 3 ply so it is strong, pliable and soft to handle.

 This natural green is an ideal colour for tying in climbing plants when you want the twine to be camouflaged.


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