Tulbalghia violacea AGM

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Tulbalghia violacea

1 litre pot

Flowers from June-November

Ultimate growth height 50cm

Beautiful Pale Purple Flowers 


Customer Feedback

Tulbaghia is a rhizomatous perennial plant with fine leaves which smell strongly when crushed, of garlic, and indeed the leaves and flowers are edible and have a light peppery taste. Tulbaghia is a very easy plant to grow and will flower over a long period in summer. The pretty delicate flowers are a lovley violet colour. They are a fairly compact plant with lots of flowering stems, so they look great at the front of the border or planted along a path, they are also wonderful for pots. Tulbaghia loves a sunny well drained spot. A very reliable and low maintenance plant, awarded an AGM (Award of Garden Merit)by the RHS.

Tulbaghia violacea AGM height 50cm.

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