Bay Tree- Special Wave Stem

Ex Large Spiral Bay Tree
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Laurus nobilis

Overall Height 1.7M (of tree only)

Stem Height 1M

Diameter of Head 80cm

Container Size 38 width x 40cm high

Large Standard Wave Stem Bay Tree

Customer Feedback

This style of  Bay Tree is quite unusual, the stem has been shaped right from a young sapling to have a gentle wave effect, this size tree is at least 30 years old. These spiral bay trees have beautiful large heads of deep green leaves and will add instant impact, especially if planted as a pair. They can either be potted into a large pot or planted into the ground. 

One of main appeals of bay trees is their ease of maintenance, only minimal care is required to keep that beautiful rich colour and shape, a basic pruning once or twice a year is all that's required. Bay trees make an ideal gift for the keen cook and gardener, the leaves can be plucked from the tree and used either fresh or dried in all sorts of dishes. 

Every Bay Tree we sell comes with a copy of our Bay Tree Care Notes <> which you can also read online and we will always send out matching pairs.

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