Iris 'Deep Black'

The darkest colour
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Pot size - 9cm

Please note:

between the months of November and March, there may be no visible signs of growth

Minimum of two Iris per order

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Care Notes

Tall striking Iris which we have used lots of times at Chelsea, the name is true it does have deep black velvety falls and is very similar to Iris 'Black Swan' except the standards are blue-purple with a purple beard and 'Black Swan' has more purple standards and a ginger beard. Anyway it's a marvelous and very dark Iris, which is scented too. 85cm Height.


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    Iris like a very well drained soil and lots of sunshine to bake their rhizomes, this will help to produce more flower spikes the following year. They should not sit with their 'feet' in water, as they will not root.
    The rhizomes should be placed on the soil surface preferable in a north south orientation with the foliage end pointing north and the rhizome facing south. The rhizomes should then be gently "snuggled" down so that less than half of the rhizome is buried.
    Keep other plants from covering the rhizomes as they need to bake in the sun. Water in well for the first month to allow the roots to develop. Cut back spent foliage in late summer and split every 3 years for great flowering.