Citrus plant food

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Citrus Feed

300ml concentrate

Makes 30 litres

Nitrogen 2.3, Phosphorous 1.2, Potassium 3.8

13 Trace elements for healthy growth

Concentrate Liquid Citrus Food

Customer Feedback

Citrus trees need regular feeding especially when the fruits are forming, in the Todd's nursery we use this all the time with every watering. Its a liquid concentrate feed packed full of all the citrus food requirements and is very simple to make up, a 1 Litre bottle will make 100 litres of feed. Simply feed your citrus weekly from March-September. Its a fantastic recovery tonic too, so if you have yellowing leaves give it a more frequent feed of Citrus Focus and you will soon see the difference.

*Please note the picture shows a 1Ltr bottle but this listing is for a 300ml bottle*

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