De Wit Tools

Touring the De Wit factory in Holland was this year's highlight for us at Todd's Botanics.  The detail, craftmanship and the quality are just amazin and walking around the foundary you could feel the pride the craftsmen have in their work, and that's understandable as they are making the most exquisite garden products available. The first De Wit Foundary was lit in 1898 and is still burning now, stronger than ever! The Dutch are world renowned as the best Gardening Tool designers and manufacturers and the De Wit family business is the longest running. They produce strong, well balanced and well thought-out tools that are a pleasure to use.

Handmade with Carbon Steel for strength and hand turned wooden handles (made from FSC Ash), all De Wit tools come with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturer defects and workmanship. A company that can offer a lifetime guarantee simply proves the confidence they have in their amazing gardening tools.

Carbon steel is the obvious choice as it is so much stronger than stainless steel (which can suffer from metal fatigue) and as each product has been hand forged, it comes with a unique, beautiful black patina, just as they would have done a hundred years ago. Ash is a great choice for the handles as it is the best wood for absorbing the impact and shock of hard work, thus making them more comfortable in the hand and has a more gentle impact on the user.

De Wit garden tools are beautiful hand crafted products that will last a lifetime. Start collecting the range today! From trowels and forks through to weeders and spades, there are also unusual pieces that have been especially crafted and are unique to De Wit. These hand tools would make a truly beautiful gift for the gardener.

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