Pseudolarix amabilis 1Litre

Golden Larch AGM
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Pseudolarix amabilis AGM

Golden Larch

Pot Size 1 Litre

Height 25cm

Width 17cm

Ultimate Height in 20-50 Years 8-12M

Slow Growing

Great For Pots, Bonsai or Garden

Customer Feedback

A deciduous, small and slow growing tree, a native of China. In Spring the new soft needles emerge as bright green dense whorls and are longer and fleshier than common larch.

In sun the foliage will turn golden yellow, if grown in dappled shade the needles will be bright green. In Autumn the needles turn into a golden brown before they fall. 

The Golden Larch makes an excellent tree for a pot and is a very popular Bonsai specimen. Plant in a well draining and moisture retentive soil.

Please Note: The trunk may have some age scaring on the bark.

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