Sciadopitys 'Sternschnuppe'

5 litre specimen 'ShootingStar'
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Sciadopitys verticillata 'Sternschuppe'

Pot size 5 litre

Height 50cm

Width 30cm

Ultimate Height 3.5M

Unusual Japanese Pine

Customer Feedback

Sciadopitys Verticillata (Japanese Umbrella Pine) A beautiful addition to the Japanese garden. This pine is slow growing. Shooting Star is a grafted variety that is more upright and has thicker needles that when open give the impression of a shooting star.

The genus Sciadopitys is named after it's whorls of bright green foliage encircling it's branches like the spines of an umbrella. The sole member of the family Sciadopitysaceae and a living fossil with no close relatives. An evergreen tree that dates back over 230 million years. 

Grows in acid to neutral soil, in sun or shade and will tolerate alkaline conditions. If grown in a pot only pot on when pot bound to a slightly larger pot.

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