Arbutus Unedo - Strawberry Tree

Strawberry tree
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Arbutus unedo shrub

(Strawberry tree bush)

Overall height inc pot: 95 cm

Width of shrub: 50 cm

Pot height: 23 cm

Hardy evergreen shrub

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Arbutus unedo

Beautiful hardy and evergreen shrub/tree from the Mediterranean.

These fantastic evergreen shrubs will eventually grow into a modest size tree, with beautiful reddish rough bark and branches. Flowering in the autumn and fruiting the following year at the same time, the little fruits are just like strawberries hanging off the branches! The evergreen leaves are tough and shiny, and they thrive in almost any soil and love the sun. An Arbutus unedo is one of the most underrated trees!

Full care notes included with every order detailing water and feed requirements, pruning and any other specific care. We make it as easy as we can for you!

Gift wrapped in natural calico bags made from 100%, cotton with drawstring cord, they make a perfect present and are then useable as a drawstring sack for years to come.

Height 170 cm

Width 60 cm

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