Root barrier for the control of Bamboo in the UK

Bamboo Root Barrier Rhizome Control
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Bamboo Root Barrier Rhizome Control
Bamboo Root Barrier Rhizome Control
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Root Barrier for Bamboo

50cm high, 2mm thick

Sold by the metre in lengths up to 50 metres.

Can be joined for longer lengths if needed.

£4.95 per metre

Rhizome Control Barrier

Customer Reviews

Bamboo Root Barrier can be used to control where your bamboo grows. Mainly for use with the more invaisive bamboos such as the Sasa's but can also be used for Phyllostachys. While Phyllostachys bamboos would not be described as invasive they do grow in to big plants and by digging in rhizome control root barrier you can control the size and spread of the bamboo.

Rhizome root barrier for bamboo can also be used when trying to acheive a screen of bamboo along a boundry edge. Rather than leaving the bamboo to grow in to a large circular shape you can use the bamboo root barrier to creat a long thin screen of bamboo. Our bamboo root growth control membrane is uv stable and 2mm thick more than enough to withstand bamboo roots so the ideal material for controlling bamboo growth.

Our root barrier is priced by the metre and sold in whatever length you would like. To order choose the number of metres in the quantity box on the is page. 1 metre is the minimum order and it must be ordered in whole number (i.e not 2.5 metres). The quantity box will only let you choose a maximum of 10 metres, this can be ammended at the 1st checkout stage for whatever length you would like.

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