Root Barrier for the Control of Bamboo in the UK

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Root Barrier for Bamboo

50cm high, 2mm thick

Sold by the metre in lengths up to 50 metres.

Can be joined for longer lengths if needed.

£4.95 per metre

Rhizome Control Barrier

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Bamboo is becoming an increasingly popular fixture in UK gardens as it is relatively easy to grow and can serve as both an ornamental and architectural plant. Bamboo can, however, be a pest and can grow aggressively, spreading to cover more area than you initially planned. There are a multitude of ways in which you can control Bamboo growth including pruning the rhizome and installing this rhizome root barrier.

It is important to note that the growth of bamboo cannot be controlled at root-level by simply pruning the shoots, canes and leaves. Because of this it is important to restrict or control the growth of the rhizomes. This is more important with highly-invasive bamboos such as the Sasa's. You can also use a rhizome control barrier with less invasive bamboos such as Phyllostachys where it can be used to control the total size to which the bamboo will grow.

Bamboo Rhizome Root Barrier can also be used to control the shape and direction in which your bamboo will grow (for example, if you wanted to grow your bamboo to act as a hedge or screen in your garden). By laying root barrier you could alter the bamboo's growth pattern from a circular spread to growth along a line or fence. Buy bamboo root barrier from Todd's Botanics and you can be assured of the highest quality product. Our Rhizome barrier is 2mm thick which will withstand even the most invasive of bamboos, it is also completely UV stable.

Rhizome root barrier is easy to install and can be used as an alternative or to compliment regular pruning. We sell root barrier by the meter and can supply it in upto 50m lengths so we can cater for large and small projects. To order rhizome barrier in the correct length for your project, use the quantity box above to select lengths of upto 10m. For lengths greater than 10m, add this product to your basket and then you can adjust to your requirements at the checkout stage. Here at Todd's Botanics we offer nationwide UK delivery on all Bamboo Rhizome Root Barrier.

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