Betula utilis var. jacquemontii

Silver Birch
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Overall height inc. pot: 500cm

Trunk girth: 11cm

Customer Feedback

The Betula utilis var. jacquemontii, the West Himalayan Birch, is an utterly fantastic tree, we have used these particular birch trees in lots of designs we have done, they look stunning in the winter months. In the summer they have small leaves which seem to dance and glitter in sunlight and the breeze, in autumn the foliage turns a beautiful buttery yellow. The trunks are pure ghostly white and this is the stunning feature of the jacquemontii cultivar, all year round they are gorgeous but in winter they look amazing!

The jacquemontii grows at a good rate if planted on their own reaching a good height of 12 M + but the best way to plant is in multiples, this looks amazing! The closer they are planted together the smaller they remain, have you ever seen the planting outside the Tate Modern? They have planted hundreds of different cultivars of birch very close together and the result is stunning. The Winter Garden at Anglesey Abbey near Cambridge has Betula jacqumontii planted en masse and underplanted with spring bulbs and in close association with the brightly coloured Cornus alba. In both cases trees have remained small because they simply cannot get any bigger through competition.

 Ultimate height 12M+ over 20-50 years, if planted singly. Any position in most well drained soils.

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