Vaso Con Frutta

Classic Fruit Tree Pot
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Vaso Con Frutta

Diameter 43 cm

Height 41 cm

Weight 15 kg

Handmade and beautifully decorated 

This vase is available from Vaso Toscano below

Customer Feedback

This vase is available to buy from Vaso Toscano or please call Julie 01376 802123 for any further information.

This is a classic terracotta pot and it makes a wonderful companion for fruit trees. Traditionally they are planted with Citrus trees but don't let that stop you from planting any kind of tree or shrub! The Frutta is an ideal size pot for moving, so if you did decide on a beautiful citrus tree, you wouldn't have a problem moving it in to a sheltered place during the winter.

Each and every pot is made by hand in Tuscany and is distinctive by its soft pink colour, porosity and strength and it takes approximately four weeks to make each pot. You will notice how different our pots are by just the weight alone, they are much heavier than a factory produced terracotta pot.

All of our pots that are suited to planting are supplied with a lightweight membrane for lining the pots and handmade terracotta risers. The membrane and risers both allow for good drainage, the membrane allows the water to drain through the drainage hole but stops the compost from blocking the hole and the terracotta risers allow moisture to escape and create airflow under the pot, good drainage is the key to a terracotta pot's longevity. These pots are designed to last.

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