Trees and Shrubs

Choose from a large selection of trees which are great for growing in the UK. Buy from a range of container-grown trees which are easy to plant and can all be successfully grown in the ever-changing British climate. We source our trees for sale from a host of highly-regarded plant nurseries all across Europe. Thanks to our established relationship with our European suppliers we are able to hand-pick our specimens to ensure the quality and health of all the trees we sell.

Here at Todd's Botanics, we have put together a select range of ornamental trees which are ideal for the majority of small-to-medium sized gardens. Our fruiting trees include the fig (Ficus Carica) and wild strawberry (Arbutus Unedo) which also make great, enduring gifts for any keen gardener.

Shrubs are a brilliant way to add shape and structure or the 'bones' to a garden or landscape. There is an amazing choice when it comes to choosing which shrub is most suitable for your space. Todd's Botanics have therefore selected a range which makes choosing a little more easy. A well chosen selction of shrubs can greatly provide an interesting year round palette of shape, colour, texture and even fragrance.Our shrubs are a great size for planting to give an instant impact and to ensure they become well established and thrive. All of our listings show the actual plants you will receive so you know exactly the size of plant to expect. All of the shrubs we grow and sell are strong healthy plants that are disease free and well rooted.

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