Plant Food & Fertilisers

A great range of plant food from general purpose to specialist plant foods. Citrus feed and Olive feed are two of the great fertilisers we stock for sale online. If you want to make sure your plants thrive then it is really important to keep them well fed using liquid fertilisers, especially if you are growing in pots. All plants growing in containers only get the food you give them so regular feeding with a liquid plant food is vital for healthy growth.

These are the plant fertilisers that we use in our nursery, where we grow plants for our RHS Award Winning displays (Best in Show at Hampton Court Flower Show 2014). Plant foods that growers actually use. These plant feeds are vital to ensure strong growth especially for plants in containers.

We have also been having great success with Lou's Poo, dried Alpaca Fertiliser which has a sweet smell, is lightweight, yet powerful.  Use this for 100% natural gardening.

All our plants bought from Todd's Botanics come with comprehensive care notes on how to care for your plants and when to feed your plants.

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