Japanese Acers

All of us here at Todd's Botanics love Japanese Maples! Each of us have at least 3 different varieties in our own gardens as they are the ideal ornamental tree, they are wonderful for growing in pots or the ground and require little or no pruning.  On the whole, Japanese Acers are compact, slow growing trees and therefore are ideal for a smaller garden or where space is limited. There are so many beautiful varieties with many different leaf shapes and colours and we are delighted to be able to offer for sale some of those wonderful trees. 

Japanese Maples are deciduous trees and are renowned for their spectacular Autumn foliage when their leaves turn different shades of red, gold, yellow & orange depending on the variety. There are also different forms of growth habit, some cultivars are weeping trees, some grow into a dome like shape and some have a more open, branching structure and depending on the variety and leaf colour, some of the maples prefer a dappled shade and some like a more sunny position, however they all prefer to be planted in a sheltered position out of strong winds. 

Japanese Acers need to be planted in a fertile, well drained soil but not too dry. A good idea when planting, is to incorporate plenty of organic matter into the soil to help improve the fertility and moisture retention, this will give your tree a great start. Keep well watered after planting for the first year, as with planting most trees, its advisable to give the tree a good soaking once a week rather than a little dribble every day. The idea is to get those roots growing down into the soil. If you choose to plant your Acer into a pot or container, then we recommend planting in John Innes number 3 mixed with some good quality multi-purpose compost or soil improver. As with any plant grown in a container you need to water and fertilise well as the plant's roots cannot search for water like they would in the ground, you have to be the mummy (or daddy :). 

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