Hardy Palms

Find a wide variety of Hardy Palms suitable for UK gardens here at Todd's Botanics. Palms can be very easy to grow and offer stunning architectural structure with bold leaf forms. Our fantastic selection of hardy palms can be grown in containers or planted straight into the ground and despite being reminiscent of hotter climes, can cope with the worst of British weather.

From Trachycarpus fortunei (Chinese Windmill Palm), one of our most popular palms, to more obscure varieties of hardy palms such as the Butia capitata (Jelly Palm), here at Todd's Botanics, we stock a wide selection. Wondering what palms are most suitable for growing in the UK? Look no further than our range of Exotic Palms for less-than exotic climates.

Palms aren't just about leaf structure and, despite their status as architectural plants, many varieties offer more than you would expect in the way of aesthetics. From the stunning blue form of the Chamearops humilis (otherwise known as the 'Fan Palm') to our particular favourite, the Jubea chilensis, with its' deep green feathered fronds. Whichever you choose, we offer a range of easy-to-maintain, hardy palms suitable for UK gardens.

Don't forget that we offer nationwide UK delivery on our hardy palms and, if you would like to know more about caring for Hardy Palm Trees in the UK, look no further than our care notes. follow this link to our care notes section.

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Chamaerops humilis AGM
Chamaerops humilis AGM European Fan Palm
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Butia capitata AGM
Butia capitata AGM Jelly Palm
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