Brahea armata

Blue Palm (5 Litre)
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Brahea armata

5 litre pot

Loves Full Sun

Beautiful Blue Leaves

Mexican Blue Palm

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Care Notes

Native to Mexico, the Brahea Armata, is also known as the 'Mexican Blue Palm', it is suitable for growing in the UK and is the bluest palm hardy to our climate. This stunning plant is slow growing but can reach a height of approximately 2m with a spread of upto 1.5m.The Brahea palm is becoming popular in the UK, and for good growth it needs full sun, the more sun, the better the colour.

The Mexican Blue Palm is suitable for growing in containers but can also be planted. Being native to desert regions, it likes a well drained soil, this palm also makes a great plant for your conservatory where it will thrive in a dry heat. These beautiful architectural palms grow well amongst other succulents and hardy palms and serves as a striking focal point when planted singly or in multiples. If you would like to buy a planter or pot suitable for this palm, we recommend for great terracotta pots.

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  • Situation Open Close

    This plant loves a hot sunny south facing position to help improve the growth and retain a strong blue colouration. The hotter the better!

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  • Feeding Open Close

    Feed occasionally in the growing season with a good fertiliser.

  • Pruning Open Close

    Remove any naturally occuring brown leaves which develop, cut these off with a pruning saw back to the trunk.

  • Compost Open Close

    Does best in a free draining rich soil. Will also tolerate a poor dry soil.

  • Watering Open Close

    Be careful not to over water, let the compost dry out in between waterings. We find it beneficial to water containerised plants around the roots rather from above, try not to wet the trunk excessively.

  • Pests and Diseases Open Close

    None to note.

  • Winter Care Open Close

    Keep dry in the winter. When established will be hardy to -10C, may need some protection for the first winter in the ground.