Terracotta Pots by Vaso Toscano

Todd's Botanics are delighted to stock beautiful terracotta pots by Vaso Toscano, these special pots and vases are handmade in the heart of Italy from the finest Tuscan clay. Our client's requirement for attractive terracotta planters to compliment their plants, lead us to find the perfect pots. Our collection of exquisite terracotta by Vaso Toscano is now available to order and can be shipped worldwide. These pots are made from a unique clay called galestro, which is found in only a very small region in Tuscany, a little town called Impruneta, and is considered to be the finest terracotta clay in the world."...Each pot made is an exceptional product of unique quality and character, made to last, made to love." 

This is a small selection of the beautiful terracotta pots supplied by Vaso Toscano, please refer to their website for a more extensive range and where you will find them all in stock or alternatively please call 01376 690123 if you would like to discuss anything with us.

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