Dahlia Plants & Tubers

Surely Dahlia are the best part of summer! If you are going to grow just one plant it has to be a dahlia. Flowering all summer until the first frosts, dahlia come in an amazing variety of dazzling colours and flower forms. We have put together a beautiful collection of some of our favourite varieties for you to choose from. All our fresh tubers are selected for their quality and size and are potted by us in February, so the plants have a good growing start to the year. Dahlias love sunshine and plenty of food and water, if you lavish them well they will reward you with an abundance of blooms for you to cut or enjoy.

Plant your dahlia in a lovely hummus rich soil in full sun, you can plant into the ground or alternatively a large roomy pot, they like a little bit of space to really get their roots down. If you have a heavy soil, just dig in a little grit for added drainage. Dahlias will flower well until the first frosts, once frosted cut down the foliage and either; lift the tubers and store frost free and dry for the winter OR leave the plants in situ and top with a good thick mulch to help protect the tubers from the frost, if you are opting for the latter, make sure the soil is free draining and not waterlogged over winter. Mark or label your tubers as a reminder for the following spring!

A little tip which proves to be invaluable! When planting your Dahlia insert 3-4 sturdy canes or stakes around the plant, tie twine or string around the supports and let the dahlia grow up between them, this will support them when they are flowering. This is a much more natural and easier way of growing dahlia rather than trying to do it once the plant has grown tall.

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