Bearded Iris

We have a fantastic collection of Bearded Iris varieties to buy now, including some of the very hard to find Benton Irises bred by the artist Sir Cedric Morris. As our Iris stock increases we will be pleased to make more available for you.

 Iris really perform to their best potential in full sun with their rhizomes facing south for maximum sunshine exposure. Plant the rhizomes so that they are anchored but slightly exposed to the surface. They love to bake in the sun! 

Keep other plants from overcrowding their rhizomes, as this will shade them. A well drained alkaline to neutral soil is most suitable for Iris. The Iris will respond well to a little feed with an organic fertiliser like blood fish and bone, around the roots in the spring. Lift and divide the Iris every two-three years around the end of summer, for best flowering performance. Keep deadheading those spent blooms by just snapping them off.

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