Benton Iris Collection 2lt Pots

The Benton series of Iris were bred by Sir Cedric Morris (b. 1889 d. 1982) the brilliant painter and plantsman, who produced the most extraordinary Iris of so many different colours as if they were his own watercolours he was mixing. He also was the first to breed a pink Iris. The Benton Iris are not as 'showy' as the modern bred bearded Iris, rather, they are more graceful and the colours more subtle, they lend themselves to a more 'natural' display. These wonderful irises have been rescued from obscurity by Sarah Cook who was head gardener at Sissinghurst.  She is the holder of the Plant Heritage  National Collection of Irises bred by Cedric Morris. We are very pleased to be able to offer some of them for sale in 2020.