Dahlia 'Urchin'

Fabulously Spikey!
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Dahlia 'Urchin'

Large Magenta Pink Flowers

Fine Spiky Petals

Height 90cm+

3 Litre Pot Size

Customer Feedback

Available as a 3 litre potted plant. 

Dahlia Urchin is a beautiful spiky, laciniated flower, each petal is very fine and this gives this dahlia a wonderful texture, a bit like a woolly pompom. D. Urchin makes a lovely contrast when planted with other varieties of dahlia such as, D. 'Purple Flame' or 'Chat Noir' and maybe some ornamental grasses, to really give movement and texture with late summer colour. Dahlia flower from July to November (until first frosts). 

To really get the most out of your dahlia, feed with a liquid fertiliser (we use Lou's Poo) every two weeks in the growing season April-Sept, and water well. Plant in full sun in a well drained, fertile soil. We recommend that you support your dahlia plants by inserting sturdy canes or stakes, if you do this at planting time the plant can grow up through the supports and can be tied in as necessary, it looks more natural this way. Be sure to deadhead regularly to promote more flowering and don't forget to cut some flowers for the house!

Dahlia Urchin flowers are approximately 10cm+  and mature plant height is 1M+

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