Dahlia 'Ambition'

Available as Tuber
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Dahlia 'Ambition'

Supplied as Tuber

Magenta Pink/Purple

Semi-Cactus Flower

Height 90cm

Great For Cut Flower

Customer Feedback

Currently this plant is supplied as a tuber, we send out planting and growing instructions with each order.

Dahlia 'Ambition' is a very popular choice, its a great bloomer! It produces lots of medium sized, magenta pink/purple flowers which hold up very well in the vase as well as in the ground. Keep cutting for lots of repeat flowering. 

Dahlia love a sunny, sheltered position in a fertile, well drained soil. Plant out after the frosts and water and feed well during the growing season.

It is a wise move to put some sturdy stakes around your dahlia and circle with twine or string, as the dahlia grows up it will automatically be supported. This is much more natural and far easier than doing it when the plant is fully grown. We would recommend this for all Dahlia apart from the dwarf varieties (which we do not sell).

Dahlia 'Ambiton' height; 90cm  

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