Butia capitata AGM

Jelly Palm
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Butia capitata AGM (Jelly Palm)

10 litre Pot Size

Height Of Palm Only 70-80cm

Overall Height Including Pot 1.2-1.3M

Trunk Height 20cm

Width Of Foliage 1M

Architectural Plant

Hardy Palm


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Care Notes

The Butia capitata is a beautiful, arching feather palm which is suited for UK growth. Originating from South America, this palm prefers to be located in full sun and a sheltered position where it will make good growth and colour. Butia capitata can eventually grow to an impressive 5M, with a spread of up to 3m, but at any size the Butia has great architectural presence.

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  • Situation Open Close

    This palm, like most silvery coloured plants, needs plenty of light to keep it looking good. A warm sheltered site is recommended.

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  • Feeding Open Close

    A liquid feed every 2 weeks during the summer growing season will benefit this plant.

  • Pruning Open Close

    Remove any damaged or brown outer fronds, especially in the spring after the winter. Use a pruning saw to take them back to the base. The leaf stalks can be quite brittle so take care not to place the plant in a situation where it will get knocked about.

  • Soil Open Close

    A rich, well drained soil is best.

  • Watering Open Close

    Water well during the active growing season.

  • Pests and Diseases Open Close

    None to note when grown outside, indoors can suffer with Red Spider Mite or Scale Insect.

  • Winter Care Open Close

    More mature plants can withstand temperatures down to -10c. Smaller plants may need some winter protection, by moving under cover in a bright spot, of protecting the crown with a thick layer of fleece or hessian. Keep as dry as possible outdoors during winter.