Cycas revoluta AGM

Japanese sago palm - blue label
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160cm width

150cm height including pot

110cm height excluding pot

45 ltr

Pallet delivery

Blue label plant

Customer Feedback

The Japanese sago palm is a beautifully architectural palm-like evergreen perennial which grows very slowly. It puts on a fresh set of arching pinnate leaves each year. These can easily be 1 metre plus in length. Cycads are a prehistoric plant species that were around with the dinosaurs! Great as a stand alone statuesque focal point, or mixed in with other jungle leaved plants.

This is an absolute beast of a cycad and will look amazing in any setting that really showcases it's size and stature. The long leaves mature to a deep glossy green and the plant is evergreen. Except in the most sheltered parts of the UK (a mild coastal garden or sheltered microclimate in London for instance) we would always suggest bringing Cycads undercover to protect from the worst winter weather. They can and do thrive outside in some gardens, but for something as precious and slow growing as this we would always recommend growing in a container so it can be brought inside for the UK winter.

Please note that some older leaves are marked on this plant and this is not unusual for cycads - it has put a fresh set of leaves on this spring and as they continue to mature the marked leaves will be a lot less noticeable.

Prefers a free draining gritty soil that is enriched with organic matter. Full sun or partial shade.

This requires a pallet delivery so please note it will be to the kerbside only.

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