Arundo donax 'Macrophylla'

Spanish Reed Grass
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Arundo donax (Giant reed)

Pot size: 3 litres

Growth Rate: 6-10 feet per year

Overall Height: Varies depending on time of year

Spanish Giant Reed

Customer Feedback

Arundo donax, or giant reed, has tall stems of arching, green bamboo-like foliage. The giant reed is an architectural plant which can reach a height of 3m in the UK and a spread of 1.4m.

Arundo donax is very much like bamboo it likes an enriched soil in sun or partial shade and loves a bit of moisture too, in fact the more moisture it has the bigger and better it grows. Arundo donax has the most beautiful blue-green foliage which makes it a very striking plant to have in the garden, why not try it with other arcitechtural-type plants such as Trachycarpus and Fargesia bamboo or other fine leaved grasses as a textural contrast.

The flowers are feathery and soft and are held tall above the foliage, these appear in late summer-early autumn. We cut back our arundo donax every other year to encourage the flowers to form, if you didnt want to grow it in the garden you can always plant into a large container remembering to water freely in the summer months! If you love big plants and leaves and great colour, you will love Arundo donax.

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