Chamaerops humilis 'Cerifera'

Blue Fan Palm (10 Litre)
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Chamaerops humilis cerifera

10 litre pot

Full sun

Well drained soil

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Care Notes

Chamaerops humilis 'Cerifera' is native to Morrocco and found across the Mediterranean. Otherwise known as the Blue Mediterranean Fan Palm, this attractive palm is suitable for growth in the UK.

As it's Mediterranean origins would suggest, the Chamaerops humilis is best suited for growth in full sun. This slow growing palm is suitable for growing in containers or being planted in the garden and will eventually grow to heights of up to 1.5m with a spread of up to 1m. The Blue Mediterranean Fan Palm is a striking plant that looks great with other architectural plants.

As with most blue palms, the vividness of the Chamaerops Humilis' colour depends on its exposure to the sun, the more sunshine it receives, the bluer the leaves will be. Despite it's exotic appearance this hardy blue palm is easy to grow and requires only basic maintenance. The stocky, architectural structure of the palm makes it a great plant for adding year-around shape to your garden.

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  • Situation Open Close

    Chamaerops like a well-drained moderately fertile soil, however it will also tolerate a poor soil. An open sunny situation is ideal, it does not mind a windy situation.

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  • Feeding Open Close

    A liquid feed given regularly throughout the growing season will greatly benefit the plant and help to promote new growth.

  • Pruning Open Close

    Remove old tired foliage when necessary. Do be careful of the sharp barbs along the leaf stems!

  • Watering Open Close

    Water regularly throughout the summer growing season, very little if any during the winter.

  • Pests and Diseases Open Close

    None to note

  • Winter Care Open Close

    A very cold tolerant plant that will withstand temperatures as low as -12C without damage. Keep the roots as dry as possible in the winter.