Yucca rostrata

Beaked Yucca (8 Litre)
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Yucca rostrata

8 litre pot

Full sun

Dry, well drained soil

Blue Beaked Yucca 

Customer Feedback

What an amazing plant the Yucca rostrata is! People are consantly amazed by the hardiness of these plants as they look so 'tropical', too good to be true, they are of course not tropical at all but hail from the dry and arid deserts of Texas and beyond. These are tough Yuccas and the important factor for growing them is a well drained soil, they are very hardy and love full sun but do not particularly like to sit wet in the winter, so the key here is good drainage. We have had a lovley Yucca rostrata in the same pot for 11 years! the blue foliage is stunning and of course they are evergreen so they will be a great addition for the garden in the winter. They look wonderful in pots, and if you are looking for a suitable pot, we recommend  http://www.vasotoscano.com/ for great terracotta pots.

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