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2 Litre Pot
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Tetrapanax papyrifer 'Rex'

2 litre Pot size

Ultimate growth Height 2.5-4 M

Big monster leaves

Customer Feedback

Tetrapanax papyrifer 'Rex' is a fast-growing and incredibly impressive plant with giant leaves and a fantastic, architectural stature. The leaves themselves can grow up to a metre wide and adorn stems that grow to reach 2m or more. Tetrapanax p. 'Rex' is a monster of a plant (in the nicest sense!) that despite its exotic appearance, can easily be grown in UK gardens. 'T Rex' as it has become known, is an essential plant for that jungle garden feel - especially when planted alongside other exotics such as bamboo, Fatsia and tree ferns. 

It's a very easy plant to grow, although it looks it's best when grown in semi-shade. In our UK climate, it typically looses it's leaves in winter but the stems remain standing. Come the spring they start to shoot away from the stem again and become stronger than ever. In an exposed position it will die down to ground level and re-shoot from below ground each spring. A real talking point!


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