Dark leaved Canna

The dark leaf Canna varieties are some of the most darkest and dramatic plants available, their large glossy foliage adds such a depth of intense colour to our gardens, they really are so eye catching. Rather than plant lots of the same dark leaf varieties together, mix those coppery, wine and chestnut coloured Canna lilies with other summer flowering plants, especially plants with different leaf textures and colours or other canna varieties with contrasting lush green foliage. By dotting the dark leaf canna amongst other plants will really highlight them to their fullest potential and create a wonderful summer display of lush tropical planting. Be bold and go for other summer herbaceous plants such as Dahlia, Crocosmia, Agapanthus and Kniphofia. Dark leaf Canna will give you fantastic value throughout the summer months, even before the beautiful flowers, the foliage will add a touch of the exotic and tropical to your garden. For the best coloured leaves and flowers, place your Canna in a sunny position, they will tolerate some partial shading during the day however.