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Stipa barbata

Pot Size: 1 litre

Final Height: >100cm

Flower colour: Arching silvery feather like flowers

Site: Full sun, very well drained & sheltered position

Customer Feedback

Stipa barbata is surely one of the most graceful of all species of grass to be found in nature and used as an ornamental grass. Stipa barbata forms neat clumps of delicate foliage above which rises stunningly fine and slender flowers which just shimmer and twist in the lightest of breezes. The Feather Grass, as it is commonly known, will produce lots of flowers, the seed of which eventually torpedos into the surrounding ground and drills down leaving the flower to break away and float off. Although there are lots of seeds, it is notoriously tricky to propagate over the winter, but it is something we have managed to perfect over last few years, so we have built up good stocks.

Stipa barbata requires a very well drained soil in full sun. It will not like winter wet, so well drained is essential. Some shelter would be good too as the flowers really are lighter than light. It reaches about 1M in height. Definitely worth a try.




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