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2 x 250ml Bottles
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Lou's Poo Olive Tree Fertiliser

2 x 250ml bottles of concentrate

Makes 50 litres of ready to use feed

Ingredients; Water, Lou's Poo alpaca fertiliser, NPK:2.5-2.1 Plus trace elements, Magnesium Sulphate

Concentrated Olive Tree Plant Food

Customer Feedback

This is a wonderful natural, alpaca fertiliser is a concentrated liquid plant food full of the essential nutrients for healthy olive tree growth. Produced by the alpacas on Lou Archer's farm in the heart of the Shropshire hills. We loved it so much we had to start selling it!

10ml (approx 1 capful) to a litre of cold water. Each 250ml bottle will make 25 Litres. We recommend you use it weekly during the growing season.

Suitable for container-grown and planted (in the ground) olive trees, this specially formulated feed is perfect for regular use to help ensure the health of your tree and to maximise long-term growth, use in conjunction with our detailed Olive Tree Care Notes, this carefully formulated feed helps you to get the best from your trees.

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