Strelitzia reginae AGM

Bird of Paradise 10Lt
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Strelitzia reginae AGM

Exotic ornamental

10 lt pot

Ultimate growth typically 1.2m height

Outside for summer, keep frost free in winter

Easy care

These plants are UK grown in our nursery.


Customer Feedback

Strelitzia reginae, the 'Bird of Paradise' plant, was introduced to this country from it's native South Africa. It has become popular, partly because it's an easy plant to care for but mainly because when it flowers, it is quite stunning. They make wonderful cut flowers for a large vase. The flowers resemble the crest of an exotic bird in the most beautiful orange and blue colours. Even when not in flower Strelitzia is still impressive, with it's evergreen blue-grey paddle like leaves. it makes a great house plant and can certainly live outside in summer if you wish.

 Remember to give your plant a little regular watering during winter, (once a week) we usually keep the pot in a saucer and water from the bottom, ie. pour the water into the saucer. Its always a good idea to add a little Baby Bio or other houseplant liquid fertiliser into the water at the same time, this will keep the leaves looking lush and helps promote flowering. Once the plant is really very root bound in its pot, pot up into the next size for a bigger plant or split the plant to make small plants, you can do that in the late spring and keep frost free. 

Strelitzia reginae AGM - ultimate height and spread up to 1.2m.

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