Nursery Ramblings (an Update)

Posted 1st March 2011 in Nursery Ramblings

There seems to be several thousand jobs to be done, one of the first things on the fat agenda is to replant all the 6 foot root-balled Taxus baccata (yew) columns that were put in before Christmas. Absolutely beautiful plants that weigh as much as Mark, but alas are now residing in deep puddles of water after last week’s rain. The holes of which were ironically made deeper so as to help keep the water from running away during our very dry Essex summers! They need taking out urgently so as not to suffer any damage - yews simply do not like to be water logged, they turn the most horrid carroty colour and die otherwise. They will now be replanted in the old olive grove where it’s higher ground, flat and well drained. That’s great for now but I bet we will be running the hose over there before they are all sold.

A really pleasing job was taking all the photographs for the new eCommerce website that Todd’s Botanics have launched, on a perfectly sunny winter’s day with all the well behaved models- bamboo, palms, olives, bays and box balls etc. All that was needed was some speedily taken shots, job done. Hang on a minute! I must see the world from a different angle to everyone else, why are they all skew-whiff? That ‘to do’ list is rapidly becoming a‘re-do-to do’ list.

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