Nursery Ramblings

Preparing for winter
Posted 14th September 2016 in Nursery Ramblings

Preparing the Iris beds

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New batch of bay trees
Posted 23rd August 2016 in Nursery Ramblings

We have a new batch of bay trees at the nursery

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Agapanthus production
Posted 8th March 2016 in Nursery Ramblings

Our Agapanthus production is in full swing.

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Kumquat harvest means kumquat marmalade…..
Posted 19th October 2015 in Nursery Ramblings

Its that time when we need to think about moving the citrus trees into the big tunnel. 

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Nearly time for the winter Holly Trees
Posted 1st September 2015 in Nursery Ramblings

Winter comes alive with sparkling frosted leaves and bright red berries!

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Joining bamboo root barrier
Posted 25th August 2015 in Nursery Ramblings

A pictorial guide to joining bamboo rhizome/root barrier together, to help control the growth or spread of hardy bamboo plants

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Iris propagation in full swing
Posted 10th August 2015 in Nursery Ramblings

Well it's that time of year again and the Iris are being spilt down and rejuvenated ready for the gorgeous blooms next year.

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The best value flowers ever!!!
Posted 31st July 2015 in Nursery Ramblings

Agapanthus are one of the most amazing plants, long lived flowers of intense colours of whites, blues and purples.

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Summer colour
Posted 19th July 2015 in Nursery Ramblings

Warm summer evenings and warm summer colours, not just from the sunsets :)

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The beauty of the Loquat Tree (Eriobotryia japonica)
Posted 27th May 2014 in Nursery Ramblings

Its madness that this beautiful tree is not that widely used in this country!

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Exciting New Range of Plants Online!
Posted 28th February 2014 in Nursery Ramblings

Its all go at the nursery at the moment, we have lots of new stock to sort, photograph and launch online.

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The Perfect Christmas Gift
Posted 10th December 2013 in Nursery Ramblings

We make life so easy for you. So here is the perfect gift for that 'awkward to buy for' person.

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Beautiful Citrus Archway
Posted 2nd November 2013 in Nursery Ramblings

Wow what great idea!

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St. Jude 3 Todds Botanics (McGregors Tunnels) 1
Posted 30th October 2013 in Nursery Ramblings

Well, we got the warnings, thank you to the MET Office but there was little we could do.

1 tunnel damaged, 2 tunnels destroyed BUT our oldest tunnel a McGregors Polytunnel, beat the weather!

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Stipa barbata a most beautiful and unusual ornamental grass
Posted 12th August 2013 in Nursery Ramblings

We are busy collecting and sewing the seed of the beautiful ornamental grass species Stipa barbata.

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Trachelopsermum jasminoides in the Italian Alps
Posted 1st July 2013 in Nursery Ramblings

Who says Trachelospermum's aren't hardy! Look at this fantastic use of a beautiful plant.

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Growing Olive Trees in the UK
Posted 3rd June 2013 in Nursery Ramblings

Olive trees for sale in the UK from an award winning nursery.

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Growing Citrus Trees in the UK
Posted 2nd May 2013 in Nursery Ramblings

A guide to the Citrus trees we have for sale and how to look after them.                                                      

Citrus Limon (Lemon tree)                                                                                                               Citrus aurantifolia (Lime tree)                                                                                                             Citrus sinensis (Orange tree)

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Why not plant a grapevine this year?
Posted 4th April 2013 in Nursery Ramblings

We are very excited to now be selling beautiful little grapevines. Vitis vinifera AGM.

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Beautiful Pinus pinea
Posted 8th March 2013 in Nursery Ramblings

This time of year we really need to have structural, evergreen beauty in our gardens. Fed up with the usual choice? Why not give Pinus pinea some thought.

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Looking forward to spring
Posted 6th February 2013 in Nursery Ramblings

Exciting new range of plants to be launched shortly.

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Light up your Olive Trees
Posted 18th December 2012 in Nursery Ramblings

Olive trees and topiary such as Box, Bays and Yew look so wonderful lit up with small fairy lights, either side of the front door or in the garden. 

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Its looking like a beautiful day!
Posted 12th December 2012 in Nursery Ramblings

Winter has arrived, and it looks so beautiful here in north essex.

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Planting ancient olive trees in the nursery.
Posted 18th September 2012 in Nursery Ramblings

Over the weekend we took the oportunity to plant two of our very old olive trees.

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A garden for all seasons
Posted 7th February 2012 in Nursery Ramblings

Even in mid-winter, the world of horticulture continues in earnest. Read about our final design project of 2011, which consisted of an exciting seasonal garden in picturesque Suffolk…

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What a beautiful morning
Posted 23rd April 2011 in Nursery Ramblings

Walking around the nursery this morning reminds me why I do this job. I wanted to share a few pictures with you...

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Nursery Ramblings (an Update)
Posted 1st March 2011 in Nursery Ramblings

This is by no means a quiet and calm time of year for us nurserymen...

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The Winter Blues
Posted 21st January 2011 in Nursery Ramblings

Now the temperature has risen slightly I can just about lift my chin and focus my eyes on the scene around that is supposed to be the nursery...

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The Winter Freeze
Posted 18th January 2011 in Nursery Ramblings

This winter is the coldest so far at the nursery, -14c and it’s not over yet.

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