The Winter Blues

Posted 21st January 2011 in Nursery Ramblings

It’s not the most pleasing sight in the world, there is quite a bit of snow damage to the stock, all our 15ft Cordyline australis are looking very droopy and badly parted in the leaf canopy, rather like an ill fitting toupee. They will surely have to go to the plant grave yard; thank goodness we erected the latest polytunnel just as the second deluge of snow came down, that has help protect a number of plants. It’s not because they are too tender to cope, they would probably, but it’s just we need our stock to look tip top very early on in the season as soon as our customers are in the mood for some spring planting.

One handsome specimen who sailed through outside with not an ounce of damage was the Dasylirion longissimum the Mexican Grass Tree; it’s a stunner of a plant from the Chihuauhuan Desert, it's amazing! Having never ever experienced such a cold winter in this country it will be interesting to see what else comes through, I’ll keep you posted.

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