Why not plant a grapevine this year?

Posted 4th April 2013 in Nursery Ramblings

We have just taken stock of the most wonderful little grapevines, they are the best size grapevines for sending out to anywhere in the UK, perfect for a birthday gift or even (dare i say it) Father's Day! Our grapevines come from Vitis vinifera AGM,  the common grape.

Vitis is a vigorous climbing vine with beautiful deeply lobed leaves. Its a deciduous climber, which has insignificant little flowers but followed by lots of lovely fruit~ edible grapes!

They love lots of sunshine but will tolerate a little shade too, so ideal as a decorative courtyard climber or over a pergola. They can easily be grown in a planter or in the ground. 

Our grapevines are Vitis vinifera 'Boskoop Glory' AGM, which is a wonderfully tasty black desert grape, a great vine for the beginner gardener.

The other variety is Vitis vinifera 'Vroege van der Laan' (bit of a mouthfull isnt it?) a super hardy grapevine, and a fantastic white desert grape but great for wine too. Which is the most important aspect in my opinion!


                                                                                                                        Why not plant a grapevine this year?

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