Butia capitata (Jelly palm)

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These detailed care notes will help you maintain your Butia Capitata (Jelly Palm) plant and allow it to grow to its full potential. Here you will find advice on where to locate your plant, what and how often to feed/water it as well as information on caring for your plant through the cold winter months.

With our detailed care notes you can also find out more about the common pests and diseases that can affect this plant and also, how best to prune your plant to the desired size and shape. If you have any further questions about caring for your Bamboo then feel free to send us a message.

  • Situation Open Close

    This palm, like most silvery coloured plants, needs plenty of light to keep it looking good. A warm sheltered site is recommended.

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  • Feeding Open Close

    A liquid feed every 2 weeks during the summer growing season will benefit this plant.

  • Pruning Open Close

    Remove any damaged or brown outer fronds, especially in the spring after the winter. Use a pruning saw to take them back to the base. The leaf stalks can be quite brittle so take care not to place the plant in a situation where it will get knocked about.

  • Soil Open Close

    A rich, well drained soil is best.

  • Watering Open Close

    Water well during the active growing season.

  • Pests and Diseases Open Close

    None to note when grown outside, indoors can suffer with Red Spider Mite or Scale Insect.

  • Winter Care Open Close

    More mature plants can withstand temperatures down to -10c. Smaller plants may need some winter protection, by moving under cover in a bright spot, of protecting the crown with a thick layer of fleece or hessian. Keep as dry as possible outdoors during winter.