Juniperus scopulorum ‘Blue Arrow’

  • Feeding and Watering Open Close

    Feeding is not necessary for ground grown plants, but it is advisable to feed on a regular basis if in a container. Feed with a general-purpose fertilizer such as Vitax Q4 once a month in the growing season Apr-July.

    If planted in a container make sure the tree is well watered during the growing season, as the roots cannot search for water like they do in the ground, especially if planted in terracotta as this bakes the soil in summer. In the first year of planting, trees in the ground need to be kept well watered too, however once established they can tolerate some small periods of drought but prefer to be watered occasionally.

  • Pest control and pruning Open Close

    Generally pest free, however junipers can sometimes be attacked by aphids or Juniper scale, if this is the case then treat with the appropriate pesticide or organic preparation.

    You will be pleased to know that ‘Blue Arrow’ requires little if any pruning, if needed then prune in late spring-summer. As with other coniferous plants just a light pruning of the outer foliage, as they will not shoot from old wood.

  • Situation Open Close

    : Juniper ‘Blue arrow’ is the ultimate low maintenance plant! It’s happy in full sun or partial shade and virtually any soil type providing it’s not waterlogged. It can be grown successfully in a container but will remain small and put on very little growth. If a container is the option then be sure to plant in a mixture of John Innes No3 and multi-purpose compost, making sure there are sufficient drainage holes.

    Junipers are fully hardy, however a large amount of snowfall could damage the shape of the tree, simply give the tree a good shake to remove any snow.