Stipa tenuissima 'Ponytails'

Mexican feather grass / Nassella tenuissima
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Stipa tennuissima 'Ponytails'

1 litre pot

Final Height: 60cm

Flower colour:Light almost translucent brown


Site: Full Sun

Nassella tenuissima 'Pony tails'

Customer Feedback

A well loved favourite evergreen ornamental grass, originally known as Stipa tenuissima but at the moment due to taxonomic name changes it's current correct name is Nassella tenuissima but we will go for Stipa tenuissima here as this is more familiar to everyone (and it will change back probably anyway!).

Ponytails is a lovely little grass, soft and tactile and wonderfully easy to grow. It doesnt need to be cut down, just gently raked through in spring to remove the old foliage and flowers to reveal the bright green new growth. The leaves are extremely fine and abundant. As summer progresses the foliage turns to a lovely golden colour through to bleached pale straw. It self seeds freely but are easy to remove if unwanted or you can pot them up! A great ornamental grass for a sunny well drained position - like most Stipa grasses, it doesnt like to sit wet over winter. The height is approximately 60cm. We use loads of stipa tenuissima in our show gardens as it looks so beautiful amongst herbaceous perennials.

All of our smaller grasses are only available with a minimum order of 3. This can be a mix of any 3 grasses. Orders for single grasses can be accepted if combined with other plants with a minimum order value of £20 (excluding p&p).

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